A review on every Cloth diaper brand I’ve tried.


So you’re interested in cloth diapering, but you have no idea what brand or style of diaper to use? Below I’ve listed all of the diaper brands I have personally used along with a small review about each one.


Alvababy pocket diapers-

I really like these because they’re such a great price with good quality.  I paid around $6 each for mine on eBay and they haven’t let me down.  The only thing I would change is the pocket opening.  It’s hard to get my whole hand in there and to stuff them perfectly takes more time.


Alvababy AIO’s-

These are amazing because it’s just like using a regular disposable diaper.  You don’t have to stuff them each use unless you need extra protection at night or in a car ride.   The only downside is they take a while to dry. But if you don’t mind hanging them up or waiting, they’re the diaper for you!


Bum Genius pocket diapers-

The best brand I have tried so far.  They are made in the USA and the quality is great.  The PUL is thick and doesn’t pill.  The micro fleece lining is strong, durable, and keeps baby dry.  The only negative aspect to these is the price.  They can run in-between $18 to $25 each! I only have a few and I love them!  If you don’t mind the price and want a good quality diaper, these are for you!


Mama Koala-

I absolutely love this brand.  They compare to the Bum Genius pocket diapers, but they are less expensive.  You can find them on Amazon.com.  They come in packs of six and are around $40.


Charlie Banana-

I love this brand of pocket diaper because they are smaller and more compact than the other brands I have tried. Super easy to stuff and the microfiber inserts are very absorbent.


Happy Flute AIO’s-

When I first got this diaper it worked great, fit well, and I loved that I didn’t have to stuff them unless it was night time.  I noticed that after a few washes they began to leak from the front where the snaps are.  None of my other diapers have had that problem, so I knew it had to be the brand.


Kawaii pocket diapers-

These diapers are great! I don’t ever have leaks and the price isn’t bad at all.  I want to say I bought mine for around $12 each and they come with an insert.


Quianqahui pocket diapers-

For the price of about $4 each. You get what you pay for! These diapers leaked and just felt cheap.  The PUL was very thin and the micro fleece didn’t keep my daughter dry.


Fuzzi-Buns pocket diapers-

I really like the fit of these diapers because it gives my daughter more room to move her legs. The PUL material is strong.  I don’t like that I have to adjust the size by the elastics on the inside because it takes some time to do, but it isn’t that much of an issue if you’re using it on one child that you don’t have to adjust often.



I really like the idea behind this diaper model and these were actually my first cloth diapers! You can buy flushable inserts and they’re super easy to clean. However, running at around $90 for a pack of six, I don’t like the price.  I have a few that I use and just stuff with the g-Diaper re-usable insert.  It works great.  (:


Thirsties diaper cover-

I love this diaper cover for so many reasons.  The legs have double gussets to ensure no big accidents.  The top and back are also gusseted, again, to help with big accidents.  The price isn’t too bad and I love that if there’s no poo, I can just wipe the cover out and re-use it before a wash.


Econobum diaper cover-

These are great if you want to save as much as possible.  They claim that you can cloth diaper full time for around $100! The material isn’t as nice as the Thirstie’s brand, but they work and theyre easy to wash.


Inserts and pre-folds


Econobum pre-folds-

I love these pre-folds. The price is great and they’re very absorbent.  You won’t regret trying these if you’re steering in the direction of pre-folds and cover style diapers.


Thirsties duo-hemp pre-folds-

The best pre-fold EVER! They are super absorbent and don’t irritate my daughter’s skin at all.  They are easy to wash and dry very fast.  I paid around $6 dollars for one, but it is worth it!


Osocozy pre-folds-

These are great pre-folds. Very absorbent and easy to pack in a diaper bag.


Alva inserts (cotton)-

I really like these inserts because theyre absorbent and the price is right at around $2 each.


Alva inserts (microfiber)-

I’m not a huge fan of these because they tend to have compression leaks.  I use them to double up at night and they work great for that purpose.


Bum Genius inserts-

Great inserts.  They absorb more than they look.  I also like that they are not as bulky as other inserts.


g-Diaper inserts-

These are very absorbent and have a micro-fleece lining on one side, which keeps baby dry and away from diaper rash.


Mama Koala inserts-

I really like these. The fact that I can adjust them to the size my baby needs are also great! I highly recommend!


Fuzzi Buns inserts-

These inserts are different than the other ones I have used. I think they are cotton.  These are smaller and easier to stuff.  I only use them if I know my daughter is not going to take a nap for longer than an hour.  They tend to leak from compression.


Charlie Banana inserts-

These are great and super absorbent! They are also smaller than my other inserts but they make up for it in absorbency.


Flour sack towels-

Now here is if you really want to save money!  They are $5 for a pack at Target or Wal-Mart and work great! They’re absorbent and the Snappi hooks on easily. They are also easy to wash and dry.


Thank you for taking your time to read my post today.  If you have any questions, please comment or email me!


-From love, Christa.


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