Attachment parenting


My view on attachment parenting.

This is such a “hot-topic” of interest for modern moms and that’s why I wanted to share my view and opinion on attachment parenting.  I am totally for it! I personally love the idea and I feel it is my duty as a mom to provide as much love, support, and security for my littles.  Please know that if you don’t agree with me or have different views on parenting, I do not judge you.  There are thousands of different parenting strategies for different families. Every child is different, so is every parent. I respect and honor that. These are a few of my strategies and why I carry them out.

Baby Wearing

I LOVE baby-wearing.  Knowing that my babies feel safe and secure right on my chest or back while I finish my projects lets them know that no matter what I’m doing, they are my priority.  It’s also a convenience when I go out.  Whether I am going grocery shopping or decide to take a brisk walk, I can take my daughter along with me in her Moby wrap or carrier and not have to worry about a stroller.

Skin-on-skin contact

When my babies were new born, I made sure to make this a priority.  It is such a vulnerable and sacred moment right after birth.  Using skin-to-skin contact helps baby feel security and at home right away. It also releases hormones in the mother’s body that promote peace and nurturing.

Bed sharing

This is a big one!  I bed shared with my daughter until she was 6 months old and still do on occasion whether she is sick or just needs mommy.  My son stopped at 6 months as well, but recently started waking up in the middle of the night coming to me for comfort.  Sometimes my husband will put him back to bed and he goes right to sleep, but other times he just needs to feel secured and comforted. He is always welcome.

Any time there is bed-sharing there has to be safety. I had a guard on the side of my bed to make sure my daughter never fell off and hurt herself. Also, I never took sleeping medication or consumed any alcohol before bed.  If you don’t feel comfortable with this, then please don’t try it. I’m not a heavy sleeper and I made sure to be extra careful.

Cry-it-out method

Don’t throw stones at me, but I’m not completely against this one. Hear me out, I’m not cool with letting a baby or toddler cry and scream their heads off for long periods of time. Here’s my view.

My daughter fights her sleep at times, and when I say fight I mean she screams and rubs her face over and over. Even if I try to nurse her to sleep, once I get up or lay her down, she goes at it again.  Usually when I am present this happens.  There have been times where I’ve just had to lay her down and let her cry for a few minutes. I don’t mean long at all. My general rule is if 5 minutes have passed and she hasn’t calmed down or fallen asleep, I attempt rocking or nursing again.  This method works for us.

That being said, every baby is different and has different needs. And like I said in the intro, every parenting strategy is different.

Thank you for taking your time to read this today. Please leave comments or inputs and I will get back with you as soon as possible! 🙂

-From love, Christa.


4 thoughts on “Attachment parenting

    • christamg says:

      I understand that. That’s why I only use it when my daughter is fighting her sleep. I don’t let it go one longer than a few minutes. I hate hearing them cry, it absolutely breaks my heart. 😥


  1. Krystal says:

    Do you have any blogs on breastfeeding? I am a mother of one 3year old stepson and i have one 9 month old baby that i chose not to breastfeed because i was working but i am pregnant again and id love to breastfeed this time!

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