Daily kitchen cleaning routine.

So many times, I have struggled with feeling like no matter how hard I try, I just can’t seem to stay on top of things! There are a million things to do and not enough hours in a day. With three children, (my brilliant and always on the go 4-year-old, my spunky 2-year-old, and my brand new 2-month-old) it is challenging to keep up with my home 24/7 like I used to. Between diaper changing, making meals, breastfeeding, and cuddles, there isn’t much time left in the day. That’s why I’m learning to be wise and manage my time the best I can! I thought it would be a great idea to create a series of blog posts dedicated to going through my daily routines with you all.

Today I am going through and cleaning my kitchen, I always clean this room first! I’ve always believed it is best to have a clean kitchen at night before going to bed, but recently by the time 9 PM rolls around, I’m exhausted and my newborn is needing to nurse and have cuddle and bath time before bed. Lately, I’ve just been running The dish washer at night, doing a quick tidy up in the dining room, and finishing the rest in the morning.

The kitchen, I believe, is where the heart of the home is! I spend most of my day in our kitchen preparing and cooking meals, so I like to keep it as tidy as possible. Being in a clean space sparks motivation in me as well as peacefulness. When my home is cluttered and untidy, I find myself reflecting the same. My patience runs thin and I get so overwhelmed!

It is amazing how working in a clean space can affect your mood!

So first of all, I check my planner and list for the day that I wrote down (usually) the evening before. If I don’t have a list ready, I am an absolute mess! Is anyone else like this? If something isn’t written down, it doesn’t exist to me! #ListPerson.


I take care of the baby’s tub from the night before. After I get him out at night, I drain his tub and kind of just let it hang-dry over night then wipe it out in the morning before I put it up.

I wash my breast pump parts from early this morning and put them on my cute little “grass” rack to dry. I use my OXO brand bottle cleaner for my pump parts. It has a detachable handle with a smaller brush for the nooks and crannies.


(I tried to take a candid photo and just couldn’t thanks to my silly photographer)

I then scrub my sink using my Grove Collaborative walnut sponge with my doTERRA On Guard cleaning concentrate. Usually twice a week, I will use bleach in place of my cleaner to keep mildew away.

I scrub and clean my range, sometimes I have to let the cleaner set for a bit just because it is hard to get the cooked on mess off with just a simple wipe down.


I use this cleaner I got in my Grove Collaborative order and love it! I have actually had company come over and compliment how shiny my range top is! I have noticed that using a wash rag or sponge leaves a bit of a film or residue behind, so I’ve found using paper towels will do the trick to get the best shine!


I then wipe my counters down and make sure to get behind appliances. I am using my cleaning concentrate mentioned previously.

When I’m doing a daily routine clean, I run my Shark instead of actually sweeping. It’s faster and much easier to use while baby wearing.

I use this awesome O’Cedar mop and bucket we bought from Target. This mop has to be the best $30 we’ve spent! If you have a tile or hardwood floor, I totally recommend this product! When just doing my daily cleaning, I keep the bucket filled about 4 inches and replace it every 2 days just because I’m constantly spot cleaning with the kiddos running in and out of the house.

When mopping my tile, I like to use hot water, ½ cup of white vinegar, a drop of cleaner concentrate, (you can use dish soap) and a drop of essential oil. I use lavender or lemon. I have found this to be the best concoction that leaves my floor feeling and smelling great!

And there you have it! A Simple daytime kitchen tidy-up! How nice it is to now be able to work the rest of my day in a clean and organized space! I want to encourage you, as you encourage me! Please feel free to comment any questions or tips you would like to share with or ask me! Feel free to share your routines and ideas, too!

*Now, with all that being said, everyone deserves grace and peace of mind in this area. It’s healthy to have “lazy days” and honestly, it’s impossible to get every single task done in one day alone. We are still adapting to becoming a family of five and routines are still a little rocky!

-Photo credits go to my sweet husband, Joshua Goolsby.


6 thoughts on “Daily kitchen cleaning routine.

    • christamg says:

      Girl, me too! Usually when my husband gets home, he puts a load into the washer and dryer and the next day, I’ll unload and fold and put away. But if we get behind even one day, it piles up fast and becomes harder to tackle! My advice would be to do a load or two a day, if possible, even if they’re smaller loads. It’s easier to fold and put away a small amount of laundry vs. Folding and putting away 4 loads at a time.


  1. Christa H. says:

    Once again, you amaze me, and I am so interested in continuing to watch how you manage your home! You are inspiring to me and helping to give me some ideas and clarity of mind! Love you!!!


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