Daily Living Room Routine.

Today I’m writing about my living room routine. I start on the living room right after the kitchen is finished and I feed my newborn. The kids are always in this room, so there is a seemingly never-ending cycle of tidying at all times of the day therefore, I like to get the bulk of the living room chores done in the early afternoon.

We just moved into our home about a year ago and we are still getting things set up and looking nice. It is slowly but surely coming together. We still have some decorations to put up, as well as a couple repairs to finish. We are getting there!

What I love the most about our living room are the sweet memories that we create. Think about it, Christmas morning we open presents in the living room where our tree is. This room is a place where our friends gather. It’s where my husband and I have our “indoor date nights” or we have deep family discussions. My children are almost always in this room playing (or fighting, let’s be real) and relaxing during quiet time.

I keep up with my living room daily because by doing so, it honors my husband. Although he would (and does) help out around the house after work and on the weekends, he loves having a clean space to sit and wind down after work for a few minutes. That’s not to say my living room is spotless or cleaned up 24/7. Some days can get so hectic that I don’t get much done at all. That is where grace and mental health comes in, but that’s another topic for another post. 😉

I will be posting descriptions and photos of a few of the products I use.

So first, I always try to get my laundry folded and put away. My husband throws a load in and dries it every night so I just take what’s in the dryer out the next day to start folding and putting away.

If I wash my diapers that day, I’ll stuff and put those away, too!

I then dust or do a quick wipe down of my entertainment center and television. This area gets overwhelmingly dusty within no time, so I try to wipe this area down at least once a week!

I just use basic furniture polish and this Ritz brand 100% cotton dusting cloth. I think I purchased this one at Publix? It’s a relatively large cloth, so I don’t have to use multiple paper towels to get the job done!

Because my living room is tile and we use a large area rug, I then vacuum, sweep, and mop (or spot clean) the floor.

And finally, after cleaning I like to get the room smelling fresh by diffusing a few essential oils. There’s nothing more satisfying than walking into a just cleaned room that smells like a garden full of blooming flowers!❤

Thank you all for taking your time to click on my post and read about my daily living room routine. If you have any questions or would like to add anything, please leave a comment or question!❤


7 thoughts on “Daily Living Room Routine.

    • christamg says:

      Hey Libby!❤
      I have a few favorites that I like to diffuse.

      1. Lavender and patchouli are great together. I diffuse this when I need to wind down or relax in the evenings.

      2. Lavender and doTERRA’s breathe blend is awesome for allergies, or a fresh clean smell.

      3. I also love lavender with geranium. It smells so pretty. I like to diffuse this when company comes over.

      4. I also like lemon and tea tree diffused in my bathroom.


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