Matthew made a comment about having a headache, about four days ago, and I never thought too much about it. Kids get colds and have allergies all the time, so that’s what I natually assumed was going on. A few hours later, he looked at me and I knew something was totally wrong. I put my chin on his forehead, but his temperature felt normal, so I had him take a nap. And he did. Naps are very rare for my seven-year-old super hero. He woke up and was acting slightly lethargic and felt extremely hot, so I took his temperature and sure enough, it had reached 103.5. I put him in my shower with the temperature at Luke-warm and pushed fluids. I gave him some of the children’s Acetaminophen that I had in the cabinet and his fever broke eventually. That’s when I began freaking out. I can usually handle things like this, but I knew I had to prepare to preach the next morning, which also happened to be Mother’s Day, and I hit hyper-panic mode for a moment there!

I know to some of you, this may sound a little dramatic, but my kids don’t regularly get sick and when they do, it’s usually just a 2 day event with no fever, or just a low grade fever. Sometimes, it ends up just being a bad case of seasonal allergies. I went to Facebook and asked in a status what natural remedies I could use for this situation and all of the super moms commented right away with so many helpful product recommendations and natural remedies.

Many times, I feel like I always have the answers to simple little problems like this, especially for other moms…That is until I’m in the situation, myself, and I’m freaking out. Then all of the information on how to handle things in a calm and resourceful manner tends to leave my mind without a trace.

This is why we need each other, this is why we need a community and a loving and compassionate heart for others. I usually have people come up to me and tell me they love my posts and parenting style and resources I share, but they don’t always see the struggles or moments like what happened a few days ago.

The same thing can happen with bigger situations. The loss of a loved one, a financial disaster, a vehicle that stops working, or whatever your situation may be, we all need friends and family to lean on and corporately come together with, especially when times get rough.

I am beyond thankful for my sweet, fellow mama friends and for the Titus 2 women in my life.

Let’s all strive to be more like Jesus to each other.

1 Thessalonians 5:11

“Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.”


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