Hi, everyone and welcome to my blog!


My name is Christa. I am a twenty four year old mom and wife to my playful two year old, Matthew, my spunky ten month old, Alayna, and my sweet, supportive husband, Joshua, who keeps me laughing always.  My passion is homemaking. I love cooking, crafting, crocheting, cloth diapering, essential oils, and so much more!

I wrote this blog to share the art of homemaking.  I want to invite you into my life to see the day in the life of a homemaker. In my blog, I share my favorite recipes, crochet patterns, money saving tips, etc.  I want you all to see the struggles and triumphs. My bad days and my good days. I want every working mom, stay at home mama (SAHM), wife, and homemaker to know that they are never alone.   What we do is SO important and special!  My vision is to encourage and inspire young moms and wives to continue the task at hand in the fullest and most productive way they can.

So I challenge you, if you are a perfectly imperfect woman, whether you are a working mom, SAHM, home-maker or wife to stay tuned to my page, email me, leave comments. Lets do life together.

I am still new to this journey. If anyone has any suggestions, comments, or any specific topic they would like me to write about, please let me know by e-mail or in the comments. Thank you all so very much for visiting my page.

From love, Christa.