Cloth Diaper Course (Online)

Hey friends!


I’ve had a TON of questions asked about cloth diapering.  There is just so much that goes into it and with the plethora of detailed questions I have been asked, (including the ones I, myself, had asked before starting CDing) It’s nearly impossible to fit all that needs to be said in one single post. I’ve decided to create a “course” online going through all the specifics and details.  Of course, this will be a very casual and simple course, so not much interaction is involved from you other than questions or comments you would like to leave.


I have such a passion for cloth diapering, one of the girls I bought some of my first cloth diapers from, used to joke around with me and say “Welcome to the cult!” Almost four years into my cloth diapering journey, I can now honestly say I knew what she meant! Although cloth diapering really isn’t a cult, it’s addicting. You save money, generate less waste, and get to see your adorable baby crawl (or walk) around in a fluffy printed diaper. It doesn’t get much better than that! 😊


Thank you for taking your time to read this post.  Stay tuned!