It’s been a while.


For-I-will-satisfy-theHello my friends! I’m sure most of you noticed that I’ve not posted anything lately. This last month has been crazy to say the least. I feel I owe you all an explanation and also share with you what’s been going on in my life.

A few weeks ago, my little girl and I were battling an intense cold so needless to say, my attention was taken up 100% with doing my best to rest and take care of her. Between being up all night to nurse and unplug a stuffy little nose, my priorities shifted quite a bit.

Shortly after, my father in law who had been battling cancer since he was diagnosed last August , had to be rushed to the hospital due to having issues with his breathing.  He was admitted on February 25th and things weren’t looking good.  This visit was different than the rest and we didn’t know what to expect.  We drove an hour to the hospital just about every day he was in there.  By the end of those days we were so mentally and physically drained that it took all I could to give the kids baths and put them to bed.  I could tell it was hard on the kids, too.  On the 3rd of this month, my husband received and emergency call to come up to the hospital, so my dad took off to take the kids while my husband and I headed up there.

It was on that day my sweet father in law entered into eternity.  I am so grateful to have had him in my life for those 6 amazing years.  He taught me so much and never stopped fighting for his life or his family.  I am honored and humbled that God blessed me with such a supportive and loving family and father in law.

My brother in law and his family came down for a couple weeks and we all took that time to rest and mourn together as a family.

Though it’s been a month full of ups, downs, and unexpected turns, I know that my father in law would want me to keep pushing and pursuing my dream.  He loved my blog the second I showed him and we always discussed our love for creativity and natural remedies together.

My plan right now is to post at least once a week and build up from there.  I also have an online shop coming soon with organic and natural products that you can purchase off of my site.  I thank all of you for your generous support, love, and patience you’ve shown me through this time of healing and restoration.  It means the world. ❤


From love, Christa.









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